DeSoto Trailer Sales Truckload of Stealth Trailers at DTS

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Here’s Whats Coming!

DeSoto Trailers Sales is always on the move and although you may not see it on our lots don’t blink, because it may be here shortly!

Keep in mind that some of our trailers are sold before they reach us so if you see a trailer strikes your fancy on this page, please let us know quickly and we’ll put your name it before someone else does!

Mid April 2018

2019 MC12 by Sundowner

2019 Sundowner Ultra 22′ Aluminum Car Hauler

Air-Tow Dock Height DH10

We’ve had them before and we’re getting some more!  With their specialize capabilities these trailers more than any other are hard to keep in stock.

May 2018

Sundowner Pro-Grade Toy Haulers

39′ Open Living Quarters

By combining the cargo area and living quarters the open models give you a two for one punch.  Once you reach your destination and unload your cargo just slide the easy chairs to the back and wallah; you’ve expanded your living quarters by 15 feet.  With the finished floor matching the living quarters and a few extra windows, unless you tell them no one will know just minutes before you were hauling a vintage car in that very space!

42′ & 40′ Closed Living Quarters

The closed models have their advantages as well.  Whether you’re throwing a dance party for guest or throwing the grand kids in the back for a slumber party you have the option of closing the door to the living quarters for privacy and peace of mind.  You can also make the bathroom available while the living quarters are locked up.