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RC Truck Toolboxes

Whether an RC toolbox is on your truck or your trailer they are designed, produced and tested to thrive in the roughest, dirtiest and toughest environments.  After all, they’re proudly made by hardworking American men and women that realize they are not the only toolbox manufacturer on the block!

Click this link for more information:  RC Truck Storage Systems

RC MM361818 SG Underbody Toolbox

The handle design is key to its weatherproof seal.  When you first pull the bottom of the handle out to open you can feel the seal release.  Only when you turn the handle a quarter turn counter clockwise will it release and open the door.  Quality doesn’t have to cost more; it just has to be smarter!

Stop by the store to see for yourself.  These are sturdy, well built boxes or we wouldn’t sell them.  And of course they come with two keys

This model is 36″x18″x18″ and on sale for $355.00